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Charms til glidelås - motiv hjerte

Charms til glidelås. 1"
Motivet på denne er et hjerte laget av lapper, og det står SEW HAPPY (Sy deg glad)

Passer til f.eks. vesker, punker, gensere eller vester
kr 52,00

Charms til glidelås - symaskin

Charms til glidelås 1"
Motiv av en symaskin

Passer f.eks. til vesker, punger, gensere og vester
kr 52,00

D-ringer 1/2" bronse 8 stk

8 stk D-ringer, bronse-farget. 1/2 inch.
kr 42,00

Karabinkrok 1 1/4" Bronze

DESCRIPTION Personalize your creations with Nancy Zieman 's Swivel Latches that are functional yet stylish Bag Hardware Options! These Clover Bag Latches come in two elegant finishes, Satin Bronze and Glossy Nickel to match any color of fabric, and are great for creating hand bags and totes. Use with D-rings, O-rings or rectangle rings to create professional closures. They perfectly match Nancy's "Create-a-Strap" interfacings.
kr 112,00

Karabinkrok 1/2" antikk brass

Karabinkrok og D-ring. 1/2" Antikk brass
kr 53,00

Karabinkroker 1 1/2"

" stk karabinkroker i en pakke som passer til 1 1/2" veskereim/veskehank
kr 104,00

Magnetknapp ByAnnie 5/8"

Supersterk magnetknapp fra ByAnnie. Den er usynlig ved at den syes inn mellom stofflagene.

Super strong magnetic snaps for an invisible closure to your purse, handbag, or clutch. Set includes two magnetic pieces, a positive and a negative, to create one closure. Get a professional looking closure without special tools. Magnets 14mm (about 5/8in) in dia. & 2.5 mm (less than 1/8in) high.

kr 79,00

Mesh Hvit 18in x54in

Mesh fabric Light Weight--18in x 54in.
25 oz per sq. ft. 100% polyester and specially coated to be less slippery and easy to sew. Terrific for pockets, on bags or anywhere you want to be able to see what you are storing.

100% polyester and has a color fastness/staining rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is therefore very resistant and should not emit any toxic items under normal use. That said, we would always recommend using something like tupperware or plastic bags for actual food, as they are likely to be more hygienic over the long run. The customer would find it difficult to get the mesh fabric perfectly clean, as it is slightly porous.
kr 121,00