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Easy Circle Cut Ruler

Linjal med yttermål 8 x 12 inch. Her kan du kutte sirkler fra 2 inch til 10 inch

Rotary cut circles from 2in to 10in finished size. Circle sizes include 1/4in seam allowance. Fabric is folded in half. Use a 28mm rotary cutter.

kr 247,00

Handi Grip

Gjør at linjalen din ligger i ro når du quilter
kr 145,00

Håndtak til linjal -

Håndtak til linjal

kr 260,00

injal "add a quarter"

En spesialdesignet kanten på denne linjal gir deg 1/4 inch sommingsmonn slik at du får kuttet dette på en enkel måte når du syr på papir.

Beskrivelsen hos leverandør:
The specially designed lip on this ruler automatically allows 1/4 inch seam allowance to any angle for your rotary cutter.

- Tapered edge to fold back foundation.
- Wider for easier handling.
- Use one tool for straight edge and for trimming 1/4" seam allowance.
- Paper piece faster with less motion.

kr 169,00

Linjal - 1"x12,5" omnigrid

Linjal 1x12"

From Omnigrid
In Rulers & Accessories
DESCRIPTION Circles and seams are no problem with this three-in-one tool. It measures, helps mark both applique and quilting seam allowances. Also can be used for compass use.
kr 91,00

Linjal Double Wide Dresden ruler

36 grader Dresden linjal
kr 375,00

Linjal - Quiltelinjal 8"

Quiltelinjal for quilting på symaskin eller longarm

A must-have tool for Short-arm, mid-arm, long-arm, and domestic sewing machine quilters. Complete Straight Line Designs with ease. With the "Fine Line®" you don't have to shy away from stitch-in-the-ditch or cross-hatching anymore! Designed for all types of quilters, quilting machines, and right or left handed quilters. The ruler base is 1/4" (.236 thick acrylic) thickness and is 2-1/2" wide. By transferring the ability to control the ruler with your fingers using the finger grips, you will ease tension in your shoulders while quilting, the placement of your fingers on the ruler is a natural position for your hand and your arm.


Thick crystal clear cast acrylic base for durability and an unobstructed view of your pattern and material.
Resistance strip on the underside of the ruler base keeps your ruler in place while quilting.
Laser scoring on the underside for design width accuracy. Incremental scoring (from needle down) edge of ruler base to edge of hopping foot = 1/4", first scoring from ruler edge = 1/2", second scoring from ruler edge = 1" of width for your designs.
Incremental scoring is the same on both sides of the ruler base. No matter which hand or direction your ruler is placed, the incremental scoring is the same.
Finger grips: Promote a natural hand position on the ruler. Keeps you in control of your ruler at all times. Allows you to manipulate the ruler, even a tiny bit, to keep you stitching where you need to be. With the finger grips you can have light resistance or strong resistance on your quilt top. The control is where it needs to be.
kr 442,00

Linjal - Ruler Super Flying

Linjal for flying Geese

This easy to use Fons & Porter Flying Geese Ruler takes the guess work out of cutting the triangles for Flying Geese Units in finished sizes from 1in x 2in up to 4in x 8in with this handy ruler that does the math for you. Both the large goose triangle and the smaller sky triangles are cut from the same ruler, and the same size strips. Simply cut a fabric strip, then cut the triangles needed from the strip using the marked lines on the ruler that correspond to your finished size unit.

Template measures 10-1/2in x 5-1/4in

Easy to understand directions are printed on the ruler.
kr 185,00