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Take a Stand

Mappe i 2 størrelser
stor: 12,5"Høyde x 16"Bredde x 8" Dybde

Til denne passer mønsteret Running with Scissors tool case, slik at du kan ha en fint plassert mappe for dine sakser. Denne mappen legges da over den andre mappen/bagen Se bilde på mønsteret Take a Stand
kr 130,00

Tante Monas Toalettmappe

Dette er mønsteret på en romslig toalettmappe med en lomme som deler mappen i to. Mønsteret inneholder masse bilder, slik at det blir lett å følge.

kr 139,00


From Alison Glass
By Glass, Alison
In Quilting

Tessellation - This is an amazing and flexible pattern! It included 6 templates for paper piecing that you can arrange a shown, or in any other layout you want.

The finished size is 48in x 60in.

kr 156,00

The Little Things Pencil Case - uten ull men med påtegnet stoff

Mønster av Annie Down - Hatched & Patched.
Her følger det med ferdig påtegnet bakgrunnstoff.
Ferdig størrelse er 3" hæy og 9" lang
kr 255,00

The Little Things Pencil Case inkl ull

Penalhus av Annie Downs - Hatched & Patched
inklusiv original-ull til applikasjonene.
Settet inneholder også ferdig påtegnet stoff til selveste penalhusets ytterside.

Ferdig størrelse 3" høyt og 9" langt
kr 315,00

The Mystery Of Salem Witches 2

In this, the second panel, the Quilt Guild meeting is getting underway! The ladies on the refreshments committee have brought their most delectable treats (such as Grizelda Fizzlewick's Bat Guano Cookies....always a big hit.... and the recipe is included! YAY!!) and everyone is settling in for the evening by catching up and laughing together! Come in... Grab some snacks and join in the fun! You've been invited to a Salem Witches' Quilt Guild Meeting!
kr 131,00

The Mystery Of Salem Witches 3

rom Crabapple Hill Studio
By Hawkey, Meg
In Embroidery & Stitchery (Hand)
DESCRIPTION Are you ready to learn some incantations to replace using that pesky seam ripper? How about conjuring up the perfect French knots? It’s time for some lessons. Come in and learn some new tricks! You’ve been invited to a Salem Witches’ Quilt Guild meeting!

Finished panel measures 42in x 15in
kr 131,00

The Potting Shed Journal cover & pencil case

Journal cover 15,2 x 21,5 cm
kr 229,00